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Training to qualify as a counsellor/psychotherapist presents a unique set of challenges for the student. Not only does it require the acquisition of academic knowledge of the modalities being studied and an understanding of professional standards and ethics, but also a greater understanding of ourselves and our motivations for wanting to join this weird and wonderful profession. Which is why many training institutions insist that students undertake some personal therapy.

This can feel like quite a burden. If time and finances aren’t stretched enough when you’re training, with commitments to attend college or university, purchase expensive textbooks, write assignments and get to placements, as well as the associated costs of supervision, you’re then expected to commit to some personal counselling at a time not of your choosing.

We get it; we’ve been there.

And that is why we offer students a significant discount on our usual session rates for both personal counselling and supervision. As with all our services we tailor the sessions to suit your needs and to best help your personal and professional development.

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‘To my mind, personal psychotherapy is, by far, the most important part of psychotherapy training.

Question: What is the therapist’s most valuable instrument?

Answer (and no one misses this one): the therapist’s own self’

(Irvin Yalom, The Gift of Therapy. 2001 p.40)